Cannabis Free Policy

Cannabis Free PolicyCannabis Free Policy - Valley Hideaway Guest House


Valley Hideaway Guest House has a strict cannabis free and smoke free policy. The issue of the personal use of cannabis is complex. In some countries and jurisdictions the personal consumption/use of cannabis has (or is in the process of being) legalized or decriminalized. This is not true of every nation or province.

Since, the possession and/or use and/or history of possession/and or use can result in being barred from entry into some countries, and since we cater to an international clientele, we have made the decision to ban the possession and/or use of cannabis on the premises of Valley Hideaway Guest House.

Littering the guesthouse and/or grounds with remains of smoking products will be treated as evidence of smoking.

In the event evidence of cannabis use/posession is found, an additional room rate of $250 per night will apply and guests will be required to immediately vacate the premises.

We recognize that this means our guesthouse may not be suitable for all people, but we strongly enforce this policy for the health and comfort of our non-cannabis using guests.

Your understanding and compliance is appreciated. We hope you enjoy your cannabis free stay at Valley Hideaway Guest House.