Explore Wells Gray Park – Over, Under, Down the Middle

Over, Under, Down the Middle – Explore Wells Gray Park

The Park

On a short visit to explore Wells Gray Park, how can you make the most of what world take a lifetime of exploring? You canu go over, under or down the middle. Wells Gray Park is a world class jewel of near pristine wilderness. Covering over 5200 sq. km there are mountains, glaciers, forests, rivers, waterfalls, lakes and more. There is wildlife to see. It is impossible to see it all in one trip … or even one lifetime. (so come often and come in different seasons, every day is different).

This is the Canada you imagined. However you plan to explore be sure to check in at our Wells Gray Information Centre and talk to your local hosts for insights you won’t find online.


Take a scenic flight with Wells Gray Air and explore Wells Gray Park in a way most people never get to.. There are a number of flights daily.

Helmcken Falls From the Air – Photo courtesy Wells Gray Air


Okay, under is a little tricky because at this point there isn’t really a way to get under (in the future, with the discovery of what is possibly Canada’s largest cave that may change). You can travel down the Clearwater River getting views far below those seen by the average waterfall viewer. There are three first class whitewater rafting/ rafting companies locally to make sure you see the sights, pump your adrenalin and maybe get you wet.

Down the Middle

You can take a self guided driving tour and see some of the wildest waterfalls anywhere, including Helmcken (Canada’s fourth highest falls). There are plenty of hiking trails ranging from a few minutes long to days travelling hut to hut. You can hire a guide to give you insights into the geography and biology of this area. 

There are cross-country (Nordic) ski trails and snowshoeing trails for the winter visitor. For the adventurous there are some wild rides on the mountain bike trails.

Perhaps you are more of a horseback enthusiast. A number of ranches offer tours for everyone from total novices to very experienced riders.

Where to stay?

Whether you go over, under or down the middle you will need a place to stay at the end of the day’s adventures. Where should you stay? I’ll confess to some bias here. There are numerous excellent B&B’s in the area and some good hotels and motels as well. There are also a number of nice campgrounds. My personal favourite is Valley Hideaway Guest House, on Sunshine Valley Rd, right in Clearwater. Wherever you choose to stay, book well in advance.

Valley Hideaway is open year round.

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Plan on spending at least couple of days at least in the area. There is lots to do and plenty to see.  Valley Hideaway Guest House is open year round to meet your Clearwater and area accommodation needs.

Winter, Summer, Spring and Fall .. it takes all year to do it all … in Clearwater


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No Smoking inside the guest house or on the premises

Cannabis Free Zone - Valley Hideaway Guest House

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