Welcome to the “Land of Fire and Ice”.

Why the land of fire and ice? both volcanic and glacial activity have shaped this rugged wilderness area over many years. This activity created breathtaking landscape that is truly amongst the most unique and beautiful in the world.

While other areas in the world may claim the title to being the “land of fire and ice” the title belongs to Wells Grey. Experts agree that there are more types of volcanic activity in this volcanic field than anywhere else in the world. Explore the remains of numerous small basaltic volcanoes and extensive lava flows. Rock roses, pillow lava, colourful basalt and more await you.

The Clearwater Cone Group (aka Wells Grey-Clearwater volcanic field) is largely contained in the unspoiled wilderness of Wells Grey Provincial Park. A variety of volcano types are found within the field including some that formed under glacial ice or water. To learn more visit the Smithsonian Institution database.



Rivers eroded deep areas of lava creating  nearly 40 named waterfalls and leaving spectacular drops to the valley of the Clearwater river below.  Explore and enjoy many world class waterfalls in the Clearwater BC area. Easily accessible are Spahats falls, Dawson Falls (aka little Niagara), the Mushbowl and one of the highest falls in Canada Helmcken Falls. Others such as Moul falls are within a short hike.

Check in at the Wells Grey Info Centre for a listing of the falls and detailed directions. Exploring Wells, Grey, the guidebook by local Roland Neave is an excellent guide to the area. It is now in its sixth edition.




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