Pastoral Retreat Time

Pastoral Retreat Time

Are you due for some pastoral retreat time to study, pray, refresh or just to be still and know that He is God? In need of time to getaway to recharge? If you have found this page in a search engine, the chances are that you or someone you know is in need of pastoral retreat time. Having served as a pastoral couple, Kathy and I recognize the need for pastors, pastor’s wives, and others in Christian ministry to take time to recharge and be refreshed.

Pastoral retreat time is now available in beautiful Clearwater BC. Where is Clearwater?

Clearwater is conveniently located just over an hours drive from Kamloops BC, five hours from the lower mainland or seven hours from Edmonton. We are centrally located on the Edmonton to Vancouver Corridor (Highway 5).

Why Retreat?

“Be still, and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10

You have been called by God into service. One of the best tools to strengthen you as a servant is self care, including time away from “the job”. Your congregation, and the larger community you serve also benefit from your rest as much as you do.

Here at Valley Hideaway Guest House, we want to thank you for your selfless work and give you a few days to rest. It’s amazing what God can do and say in the quiet of the mountains. Taking some “away time” may be exactly what you need to recharge your batteries or get you ready for the next season of ministry.

Jesus took time off to be off by Himself for prayer and communion with the Father.  People in ministry need to follow the example He gave us. You need time too.

Maybe you need quiet time for prayer and reflection. Perhaps a break away give you an opportunity to study. Sometimes we just need to stop, to be still and to know that He is God.

Shepherding can be an emotionally, physically and spiritually draining place to be. Even in the most rewarding ministry setting there is a need to take a periodic break. Those serving in ministry, even ministry they love, can burn out or grow weary. At times the well seems dry and we need refreshing.

There are as many reasons to get away as there are people serving in ministry.


Pastoral retreat time

Time to relax, reflect, study and pray

Our Goal

Often pastors (and others in ministry), particularly those who serve in small churches, are paid less than those in comparable non-church employment. Some churches may require the pastor to be bi-vocational, raise their own financial support or even serve strictly on a volunteer basis. This means that getting away for some much needed time of reflection, study and relaxation can pose a financial burden to them or even make it prohibitive.

Our goal is to provide accommodation that will ease this burden.

What is Provided

During our off peak season (October to mid May) we offer three to seven (3-7) days of free accommodation to qualified ministry personnel at our Guest House. Linens and bedding are included. You are responsible for your own meals and other needs. There are numerous good restaurants in the area, a full grocery store and we do have limited cooking facilities on site.

This is not a time of structured programs or counselling (although we can offer a non-judgemental listening ear). Come to relax, to retreat, to explore and be restored. There are a number of Christian churches in the community and you are free to attend any (or none of them) as your schedule and needs dictate.

Who Qualifies?

People serving in ministry at Christian churches. The terms “Christian” and “Christian church” can be nebulous. To help define it from our perspective, we have laid out some non-negotiable beliefs in our statement of faith. 

Qualification shall be based on need; availability of space; agreement with our statement of faith; and other requirements at the sole discretion of Valley Hideaway Guest House.

Just for Pastors?

We don’t just cater to Christian pastors. We recognize that pastor’s wives face special challenges and sometimes need a break. Others serving in vocational or voluntary Christian ministry may require time away. Christian missionaries (foreign and local) need time to recharge. If you fit into one of those categories this may be the place for you.

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Valley Hideaway Guest house is a non smoking property.

No Smoking inside the guest house or on the premisesCannabis Free Zone - Valley Hideaway Guest House

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