Edmonton to Vancouver Pro Tip

Edmonton to Vancouver Pro Tips

Since long distance driving is a fact of life for many people, allow me to share a pro tip or two to keep you safe and make your driving time more enjoyable and safer. The Edmonton to Vancouver (or Vancouver to Edmonton) trip is a regular haul for many.



Get plenty of rest before you head out, don’t wait until fatigue hits. Stop and stretch every hour or so. The few minutes it adds to the trip will be worth the extra comfort and safety.

If you start to feel tired, pull over and get some fresh air. If you can do so safely, take a brief nap.

Pre Trip Checklist

Make sure you do a visual inspection of your vehicle before heading out. Do all the lights work properly? Are you fluid levels topped up? Do you have extra windshield washer? How are you’re wipers? Tire pressure okay?

Have you loaded everything you needed to take? Bags, sunglasses, wallet? GPS or map?

Did you lock the house door? Turn off the water? Let someone know when you expect to arrive (and return)?

Have you booked your overnight rest stop in Clearwater?

Fuel Up

Keep your vehicle at least half full all the time. Travelling mountain roads may have extended delays at times.

Stay Hydrated

Dehydration can sneak up on you and impair your reaction time. Keep plenty of water in the vehicle and don’t wait until you are noticeably thirsty before having a drink of it.

Listen Up

Many experts recommend listening to audio books or comedy shows. They can keep your brain active without distracting you. Music can be good as well, but some songs can tend to make your foot a little heavy on the gas … you know them.

Avoid Distractions

Put away your cell phone and other distracting devices. Not only can they be dangerous distractions, the use of them can bring hefty fines. Few things ruin a trip quicker than an expensive traffic ticket.

Watch the Speed Limit

Speed limits are in place for a reason. Even if you are an “excellent” or “professional” driver who can handle your vehicle at higher speeds, remember you are not the only driver on the road. Police radar can’t tell the difference between you and a poor driver. In the same vein … passing lanes are there for a reason, as are no passing zones. Respect them. Stay safe out there.

Much of the highway between Edmonton and Vancouver is also a wildlife corridor. Keeping an eye out for critters by the road combines with sticking to the speed limit will reduce your chances of a dangerous encounter.

Emergency kits

Keep a seasonally appropriate emergency kit in your vehicle at all times. Maybe you will never have to use it, but if you need it and don’t have it …  well, you know what they say about that.  A quick online search can give you a list of what to pack, or your local Motoring Association and many retailers carry ready to go kits.

Roundabout as you enter Clearwater from the north

Pro Tip – Stop in Clearwater BC

Clearwater is an ideal spot for a stop, either for a short rest and stretch or an overnight (or even longer stay). A number of hotels are available, or better yet spend a restful night at one of our world class B&B’s. There are lots of options to choose from.

There are two service stations to keep your car fueled up (one on Highway 5 and another on the Old North Thompson Highway), a variety of restaurants (on and off the highway) and more.

Many people pass right through without any idea about the local amenities. Take a break and have a picnic at Dutch Lake Park. Explore nearby Wells Gray Park with its pristine rivers, waterfalls, lakes and forests (Spahats Falls, one of Canada’s most beautiful is only about 12 minutes off the main highway). The Park is beautiful year round and plenty of recreation activities of all types are available

Forgot something at home? A variety of stores in town will likely have what you need.

Pro Tip – nearing Metro Vancouver

When driving to Vancouver (or heading west from there) fuel up in Abbotsford, fuel prices are 10-15 cents/litre less than metro Vancouver.

Where to stay?

So you have decided to stop and stay in Clearwater, where should you stay? I’ll confess to some bias here. There are numerous excellent B&B’s in the area and some good hotels and motels as well.  My personal favourite is Valley Hideaway Guest House, on Sunshine Valley Rd, right in Clearwater.

Valley Hideaway is open year round.

Book with us

Plan on spending at least couple of days at least in the area. There is lots to do and plenty to see.  Valley Hideaway Guest House is open year round to meet your Clearwater and area accommodation needs.

Winter, Summer, Spring and Fall .. it takes all year to do it all … in Clearwater


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No Smoking inside the guest house or on the premisesCannabis Free Zone - Valley Hideaway Guest House

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