Nordic Skiing Special

Nordic Skiing

Come and ski Clearwater/Wells Gray because we have some of the best nordic skiing (cross country skiing ) trails  found anywhere. If well groomed trails are your thing … we have them. Tens of thousands of kilometres of wilderness await if you prefer to break trail.

Candle Creek

Ski approximately 30 km of woodland nordic skiing trails just minutes from town. The Candle Creek Nordic Ski Trails are maintained by the local Wells Gray Outdoor Club.  Trails are regularly groomed and track-set. Be certain to take time after skiing to warm up in the warming cabin and enjoy a visit with locals .

You can bring your dog and/or your snowshoes because a number of the trails are canine friendly and/or snowshoe friendly!


Candle Creek Ski Trail Map

The Birchleg

Looking to enjoy a special event? Check out the Birchleg on Feb 1, 2020. Dress up and ski in costume.


Birchleg Participants -Candle Creek Nordic Skiing

Birchleg Participants – Photo courtesy of Wells Gray Outdoor Club

The Legend

The Birchleg is a fun nordic skiing event in early February renenacting a cross country ski trip made by two Viking warriors in the 13th Century. Rivals murdered King Haakon of Norway in 1204 during a time of civil war and his infant son was in immediate peril of the same fate. The baby was carried to safety in Trondheim by two Viking warriors  loyal to the dead king and his heir.  Their flight was in midwinter, skiing 55 kilometres across the mountains. Armed with a battle-axe and spears the warriors held the infant safely behind their shields. Eventually, young Haakon Haakonson grew to adulthood and returned to Norway to claim his father’s throne.


Follow Highway 5, about 1 km northeast of the Wells Gray Info Centre. Turn left onto Candle Creek Road and follow it for roughly 2 km, then turn right on Barber Road. The parking lot is at the end of this road.

Nordic Skiing Special

Stay at Valley Hideaway Guest House in January or February and receive a free one day ski pass to the Candle Creek Trails. Bring your own skis because rentals are not available in town, but the skiing truly is world class.


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Wells Gray Park Open


Update From Wells Grey Tourism … Wells Gray Park Open ….

Wells Gray Park is fully open tomorrow morning (September 12, 2017) at 8:00 AM. This includes Moul Falls, the flower meadows, and the West Lake Loop. See you on the trails! Hooray!”

Wells Gray Park Open


The back country of Wells Grey Park, in Clearwater BC has been closed for much of the summer due to fire hazard. Access to some of the Falls (Spahats Falls, Dawson Falls, the Mushbowl, and Helmcken Falls) has been available but most of the walk in falls were inaccessible. The entire park is open.

That all changes tomorrow. The park is reopen. That’s good news for everyone.

Time for a hike? Come to Clearwater. Hike the Trophies. Explore to your heart’s content.

Want to stand under a waterfall? Come to Clearwater and hike into Moul Falls. It’s an experience you will never forget.

Come check out the salmon at Bailey’s Chute. They are still running.

Come and see the sights that people from all over the world journey here for. Come be amazed at the wonder of it all.

Clearwater BC and Wells Grey Park are worth seeing for the first time or once again.

You might not realize that much of the park is open year round. I think that some of the falls (particularly Helmcken Falls) have a special majestic beauty in the winter season. See ice cones at the bottom of the falls several hundred feet tall.

Come cross country ski or snowshoe. Try your hand at ice fishing.

BOOK YOUR STAY WITH AT VALLEY HIDEAWAY GUEST HOUSE. Like the Park, we are open year round as well.

Clearwater is for more than summer. Winter, summer, spring and fall, it takes all year to do it all in Clearwater.

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No Smoking inside the guest house or on the premises